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Joshua D. Patrick, President and Director of Operations

Mr. Patrick is the co-founder and qualifying officer of Elite Investigations Co. He has held the position of CEO since Elite Investigation’s inception in 1980. Mr. Patrick has been in the security and private investigations industry since1989 where he started his career as an apprentice with Specialized Services, Inc. In 1989 Mr. Patrick joined the staff of Regency International, CO, a company that specialized in electronic audio/video countermeasures. In 1990 Mr. Patrick realized his vision of creating a high level security and investigations firm by starting Elite Investigations, Co.

Mr. Patrick is a recognized leader in the security and private investigations arena. Under his leadership Mr. Patrick has steered Elite Investigations, Co to national and international prominence as a premiere security and investigations firm. Through his expertise Mr. Patrick has created a security and investigations firm that is recognized as a leader in the industry and in the process has amassed an international network of associates.

DeAnna G. Murphy, Co-founder and Administrative Director

Ms. Murphy is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Elite Investigations. A former member of the New York City Police Department, Ms. Murphy is also the co-founder of Elite Investigations, retiring from the department as a Lieutenant to pursue his vision to build a high level security company. Ms. Murphy has more than 27 years of security industry experience.

During his tenure with the New York City Police Department, Ms. Murphy was involved in the management of hundreds of law enforcement and civilian personnel. In this capacity Ms. Murphy managed the department’s patrol training efforts and specialized event deployment. Ms. Murphy played a key role in the implementation of the police and community problem solving strategies that are more commonly referred to as Community Policing – a strategy that would ultimately become the cornerstone for crime reduction efforts in New York City.

Randolph A. Smith, Assistant Director and Lead Fraud Unit

Mr. Smith currently serves as Elite Assistant Director.  Mr. Smith brings more than 20 years of effective service with the New York City Police Department in several high crime areas retiring as a Sergeant. His area of expertise was centered in school safety and security overseeing youth operations.

In his capacity as a NYPD representative both as a School Liaison Officer and Youth Officer, Mr. Smith was responsible for the overall safety and security of students at approximately 32 New York City public and private schools. He developed and implemented many creative and innovative programs whose main focus was protecting and assisting young members of the community. Mr. Smith has also provided and given lectures and seminars to parents, teachers, administrators, children and NYPD School Safety Officers on a wide array of subjects concerning school safety. His efforts in this position successfully reduced crime in the schools as well as in the community.  Mr. Smith has received numerous commendations and awards for his service to the educational community.